Our responsibility


Responsibility is primarily the ability to do so to assess your own abilities and the possible consequences of decisions and to act in such a way that the expected goals are most likely to be achieved.

We take responsibility for our environment. We use exclusively 100% recyclable materials. The packaging and outer packaging are made from recycled materials, as is the glass that we use to protect our products from UV radiation, for example. We do not include our shipping costs in the products in order to create an incentive to deal with the product and not just buy it. In the best case scenario, this saves two transport routes and makes ours smaller ecological footprint (Of course you can still return your orders free of charge if you made a mistake).

But we don't just want to act reactively, so we've thought about how we can do it local and regional projects to support those who help the environment.

We work with a local forestry company here.

This is how you can help us:

If your shopping cart value is at least 50, 1 tree will be planted..

for every additional 10, 1 tree more. From a purchase value of 70, we plant a tree every 5aum

50 1 treeum

60 2 treesme

69 2 treesme

70 3 treesme

80 5 treesme

This is our first project. Our goal is to plant 500 trees by December 31, 2021. If we manage to do this, we as a company will double the number of trees collected by then!s!

In the future you can look forward to us supporting many different projects and working with you make a difference together.