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Ashwagandha: A natural testosterone booster

Table of contents :

  • General
  • increase testosterone levels
  • stress reduction
  • immune system
  • Sex Drive & Reproduction
  • muscle building
  • Conclusion



Ashwagandha is traditionally used in Potency problems, sleep disorders and eg also at anxiety disorders used. It can relieve stress, at help depression and the improve fertility . The list is long.
In Europe, ashwagandha is often considered more natural by men “Testosterone Booster” taken. Low testosterone levels can mean weight gain, fertility issues, decreased sex drive and even muscle loss.

increase testosterone levels

Several studies show that when taken regularly over a 3-month period, ashwagandha led to a significant increase in testosterone levels (1).

In this study, 600 mg Ashwagandha was taken daily.

stress reduction

Due to the fast and always active lifestyle of our society, many often suffer from stress. This causes the hormone cortisol to be produced in increased amounts. Elevated cortisol levels, in turn, lower testosterone levels. Ashwagandha can lead to a reduction in cortisol levels (2).

immune system

Ashwagandha will help you boost your immune system. This can be derived from the two topics above, among other things. Low testosterone levels and increased stress levels often lead to common but less serious illness and fatigue (3).

Sex Drive & Reproduction

Ashwagandha consumption has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine as THE herb for decreased libido, improved fertility and general reproductive health (4), (5).

muscle building

Many men exercise regularly and go to the gym to build muscle.

Decreased testosterone levels make it difficult to build muscle, even with regular and heavy use of protein supplements. In one study, 2 x 300mg Ashwagandha was administered daily. This treatment group achieved significantly faster results than the group that took the placebo preparation (6).


Ashwagandha is helpful in many areas of life. From general regeneration to improving fertility. Increased stress resistance, improved muscle building. For sleep disorders and potency problems.

We can only recommend taking Ashwagandha and of course we use it in everyday life.

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